Truth, Lies, and Science Education

As the author spent seventeen years teaching science in state schools, rising to the level of Head of Department, he is well placed to write a book which raises serious questions about the basis for so much of what is taught in our modern schools. Starting from the National Curriculum documents relating to the teaching […]

Six-Day Creation

This book offers ‘a succinct and important argument in favour of a literal reading of Genesis 1-11’. Within the limits of a relatively small volume, ROBERT GURNEY has produced a spirited defence of ‘Six-Day Creation’. His aim is to show that the theory of Evolution is not only contrary to scripture and Christian doctrine, but […]

Reach out for him – knowing the unknown God

Are you struggling to find resources that are appropriate for evangelism and follow-up work? Perhaps this booklet may help. It is developed around the Apostle Paul’s experience and preaching in Athens but draws helpful parallels with today and a largely secular society. The writer seeks to establish the truth that there is a God, One […]

Return to Me

Do you want a book to challenge your spiritual life? Backsliding may not be a word that occurs in the New Testament but it is, nevertheless, a very real and up-to-date issue in the life of every believer. As the writer puts it, ‘We can still assemble ourselves in corporate worship each week, still serve […]

One God One Message

The ‘Prologue’ of this book states that it ‘offers the chance of a lifetime; to take an unhurried journey through the world’s all-time best seller (The Bible) and to discover the message of the prophets who wrote it’. This brief summary of the writers aim and the very appropriate strap-line ‘Discover the Mystery Take the […]

Numbers in the Bible

This book is part of Ritchi’s ‘Classic Reprint Series’ of publications. In the preface the author comments ‘While the subject matter is not new, it is by no means familiar to many devoted readers of the Scriptures’ and one suspects, although this is a reprint, that remark is still true today. The first two chapters […]

Look Straight Ahead

This is a scripturally based and balanced consideration of the temptations to sexual sin in Western society. It is a book of pastoral ministry for men and its aims are: to prevent men from falling into sexual sin; to counsel those who are to some extent caught up in it; and, to counsel elders who […]

The Jesus Gospel

Many of us may not be aware of the rising appeal in evangelical circles of a different gospel. This ‘gospel’, which focuses upon the love of God, rejects the seriousness of sin and diminishes the importance of Christ’s death on the cross. Liam Goligher seeks to address these issues by showing from Genesis to Revelation […]

The Jesus Gospel or The Da Vinci Code – Which?

A million lemmings can’t be wrong – or can they? In 2003 DAN BROWN published The Da Vinci Code. It quickly became a best-seller and remained at the top of The New York Times’ best-seller list for 35 weeks. It has sold over 60 million copies worldwide and has been translated into more than 40 […]

Is anybody out there?

Do you have difficulties knowing how to challenge the sceptic or to reach the cynic with the gospel? Have you ever thought through the implications of atheism or agnosticism? John Blanchard’s pamphlets are excellent starting points in tackling many people’s thinking on ‘religious’ issues. Apart from a slightly misleading title (he starts from the point […]

It’s your choice

This is well-produced twelve page full colour evangelistic booklet designed to bring the truth of the gospel to the sinner. As the title suggests, its starting point is the eternal destiny of the soul and how that destiny is decided by the choice that we make in life. Using the King James Version throughout, John […]

Genesis for today

Apologetic? It’s a book that explains the fundamental importance of Genesis as the foundation or ‘seed plot’ of the scriptures. McIntosh shows that if you take away the first eleven chapters of Genesis you destroy the biblical account of history, marriage, family life, and the gospel. There are a lot of books like this one […]

The God Reality

There have been quite a few books that have tackled the issues covered in ‘The God Delusion’ by RICHARD DAWKINS and I suspect that this one will not be the last. However, what makes this particular book appealing is that it is short, pithy and not too technical. In the eight chapters that form the […]

God’s Undertaker. Has Science Buried God?

This book should be required reading for pupils and students who find themselves on the ‘back foot’ when faced with teachers and lecturers who have become infected with what Professor Alister McGrath has termed ‘The Dawkins Delusion’. The author of this important work is well-qualified to silence the strident voices of the militant atheists so […]

Deluded by Dawkins

The significance of RICHARD DAWKIN’s book, ‘The God Delusion’, can be realised by its position at the top of the best seller list. It is, as this author states, ‘stimulating, well written, amusing and combative’. As an intellectual work, ‘It gathers together every available arrow into the atheist’s quiver, and fires them at theism with […]

Can we be good without God?

Many visitors to this site will be familiar with JOHN BLANCHARD’s growing range of Christian apologetics. It will be of no surprise that have rapidly established themselves for their strong defence of the faith. Although readers of previous volumes may recognise the direction of the writer’s arguments, this latest book will be warmly welcomed as […]

Can we Rock the Gospel?

What are your tastes in music? What might you listen to on the radio or in the car? Further still, what music features in the church services that you attend? Many attending services in Evangelical Christendom have become familiar with other musical instruments than the pipe organ. The rise of the ‘worship leader’ as an […]


It is 200 years since slavery was abolished across the British Empire and the United States of America. This inhuman trade seems so abhorrent to many of us who live in the twenty-first century that it is difficult to imagine. Yet slavery still exists in different parts of the world and still, occasionally, makes the […]