Is anybody out there?

Published by:
Evangelical Press, Faverdale North Ind. Est. Darlington, DL3 0PH UK
Reviewed by:
John Bennett

Do you have difficulties knowing how to challenge the sceptic or to reach the cynic with the gospel? Have you ever thought through the implications of atheism or agnosticism? John Blanchard’s pamphlets are excellent starting points in tackling many people’s thinking on ‘religious’ issues.

Apart from a slightly misleading title (he starts from the point of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence) this pamphlet tackles the essential nature of faith. He deals with agnosticism as nothing more than a ‘blind alley’. He tackles atheism as ‘a vast desert … with no life-giving water to be found anywhere’. Looking at common world religions, he shows the absurdity of suggesting ‘that all religions are saying essentially the same thing’. Christianity and the Bible are shown to be unique and the God of the Bible to be the creator and sustainer of all things. That same God is the only one to provide an answer to the human plague of sin in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.

This book is not light reading but, if you want to present a Christian challenge to any thoughtful mind, this pamphlet will undoubtedly help. Buy it; read it; share it!