Numbers in the Bible

Published by:
John Ritchie Ltd. 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, Scotland
Reviewed by:
Richard Catchpole, South Norwood, London, UK

This book is part of Ritchi’s ‘Classic Reprint Series’ of publications. In the preface the author comments ‘While the subject matter is not new, it is by no means familiar to many devoted readers of the Scriptures’ and one suspects, although this is a reprint, that remark is still true today.

The first two chapters focus upon the unique character of the Bible, its unity, authority, accuracy and perpetuity, which are presented as an irrefutable testimony to its Divine origin and inspiration. Consideration is then given to evidence that there is a numerical structure manifest in God’s work in creation and a corresponding numerical design and symmetry found in God’s word. The Biblical significance of numbers one to twelve and the number forty are then dealt with, one chapter being given to each number. The writer first gives the significance of the number and then seeks to confirm it with examples of how it is used in the Scriptures. A chapter is devoted to the Bible’s use of numerology in displaying the perfections of Christ, and another to the numerical accuracy of the Scriptures. The book concludes with practical advice on how to read the word of God to maximum profit.

Although a few of the writer’s suggestions might be considered by some to be a little speculative, this is a broadly lucid and helpful introduction to the study of the use of numbers in the Bible. In addition the references that are given in connection with each numeral provide many suggestive lines of study that the reader could pursue with profit.