Genesis for today

Published by:
Day One Publications, Ryelands Road, Leominster, HR6 8NZ UK
Reviewed by:
John Bennett

Apologetic? It’s a book that explains the fundamental importance of Genesis as the foundation or ‘seed plot’ of the scriptures. McIntosh shows that if you take away the first eleven chapters of Genesis you destroy the biblical account of history, marriage, family life, and the gospel.

There are a lot of books like this one around today but there are aspects of this book that make it worth buying nevertheless. It clearly states the view that the world was created in six literal days and shows that the historical references of Genesis play a crucial role in the development of New Testament Doctrine. McIntosh’s comments on headship are particularly important as so often missed by other writers.

My only reservations with this book are that the writer presents a prophetic view that would appear to reject the rapture. Equally, his consideration of the Sabbath Day would go further than this reviewer would be happy with.