Walking With God

I am glad that the Bible records examples of men and women who lived and served God in their generation. We can learn lessons from them, which when applied to our lives, enable us to live and witness for God in today’s society.

In this article I want to think of the example of Enoch. When I read of Enoch I find that he, Walked with God, Gen. 5. 22, 24; Pleased God, Heb. 11. 5 and Prophesied (Witnessed) for God, Jude 14.

The questions we need to ask at the beginning of our article is this – Do I walk with God? Do I please God? Do I Witness for God? What a challenge as we consider our relationship with our God! Enoch’s name means ‘Dedicated’. He gave himself completely to walking, pleasing, and witnessing for God. Have we given our lives completely to Him?

What does it mean to ‘walk with God’? The idea of walking is commonly used in the Bible to describe the habitual behaviour of a person. Walking with God includes being aware of our responsibility to God and of our communion with God. It has been said that a walk is made up of steps. We walk one step at a time, and the character of our steps will determine the character of our walk. Just as a little child takes its first step when learning to walk so as a Christian I need to do the same – take one step at a time. This started with salvation, then baptism, next meeting with other Christians in a local church for teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers, Acts 2. 41-42.

As we think of these things am I like Enoch and dedicated to making progress. In Amos chapter 3 verse 3 a question is asked – ‘Can two walk together except they be agreed?’ So to be able to walk with God we must be in agreement with God.

According to Micah chapter 6 verse 8 the Lord has told us ‘what is good and what He requires of us’. This is described as doing what is just (right) to love mercy (loving kindness) and to walk humbly with God. We must realize we need to humble ourselves so that we can walk with God. If we agree with God and humble ourselves He will draw near and go with us, Luke 24. 15. In the New Testament we are given instructions as how a Christian should walk – ‘in newness of life’, Rom. 6. 4; ‘after the Spirit’, Rom. 8. 4; ‘in honesty’, Rom. 13. 13; ‘by faith’, 2 Cor. 5. 7; ‘in the Spirit’, Gal. 5. 16; ‘in good works’, Col. 4. 5; ‘in the light’, 1 John 1. 7; ‘after the commandments of the Lord’, 2 John 6; ‘in truth’, 3 John 4. Are these the things that would characterize my walk with God?

Enoch not only walked with God but according to Hebrews chapter 11 verse 5 ‘he pleased God’. Do I please God? The Lord Jesus said, ‘I do always those things that please the Father’, and God says concerning His Son ‘This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased’, Matt. 3. 17.

How can I please God?

  1. By being obedient to His word;
  2. By daily taking up Christ’s cross and following Him; 
  3. By adding to my faith characteristics such as Peter mentions in 2 Peter chapter 1 verses 5-7; 
  4. By serving Him by using the spiritual gift which He has given me.

Paul encourages the Colossian believers in chapter 1 verse 10 to ‘walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God’.

Jude says that Enoch prophesied (witnessed) of things to come, Jude 14, 15. While we don’t have those who prophesy today, we have those who, from the word of God, witness and warn people of coming judgement. We are here on earth to be witnesses for the Lord Jesus, to show His love, care and compassion for those who are lost in their sins. Are we displaying the features which marked the Lord Jesus so that others can see Christ in us?

I trust that as a result of this short study of the life of Enoch we all may walk, please, and witness for God in our generation, and shine as lights in the world.