Editor’s Introduction

Thanks again for reading YPS. I fi nd it encouraging when I hear that people of all ages read the YPS insert. Aft er all, the word of God is for all of us! The aim of YPS is to help those who are younger in the faith in their walk with God. The challenge is to cover a wide range of Bible truths and to teach in terms that everyone can understand. Hopefully you have noticed that we have started a new series – ‘Adventures in Acts’. If Jeremy continues dealing with one chapter at a time this one could go on for a very long time! We have decided to break it down into the main divisions of the book of Acts so that we get it finished before most of you are old-age pensioners!

I for one have found the articles that we have included in YPS particularly helpful! What about you? Have you found any one in particular helped you? If you have, why not tell us how they have helped you, and why you thought they were of value?

As always we are trying to introduce some new contributors to the magazine. Paul Maclean of Manchester is the ‘new kid on the block’ in this issue. Paul works for a major bank (no brand names to be given; admitting you work in a bank is dangerous these days!). His article on Enoch will hopefully encourage you to do your own study of characters in scripture, and most importantly to seek God’s help to learn and practise the lessons identified from such research. I always find that I learn most from my own study of scripture. Why not use the articles in YPS as the springboard from which to start your own study on a specific passage or topic?

In this issue Paul McCauley completes the studies that he has been doing for us on the first half of the prophecy of Daniel. We appreciate the help that he has given us, and look forward to more articles from him in the future (we will give him a rest for a while).

Another series is also coming to completion in this issue – ‘The What Can I Do for God Series?’. I hope that you have found these reminders have prompted you to think more seriously about your life of service for God. Thanks again to Steven Buckeridge for all the hard work that he has put into writing these pieces for us.

So on with your reading! Only three months until the next issue. I trust that you will enjoy the Lord and His word until then.

In the Saviour’s name, 

Stephen Baker