Career Choices – Banking


I have spent the last thirteen years in the banking industry and many changes have taken place over those years. Like writers before me, I have been thankful to the Lord for His help and guidance during that period. I can look back over it and know that I have been guided through thus far.

When I joined the bank, it was seen as being a relatively safe industry for believers to go into. Indeed, it has only been recently that potential Sunday opening, and that only in big cities, has been spoken about. Working in this industry, the number of meetings that I have missed as a result of work has been relatively few.

When I commenced the job, I had a customer-facing role as I was working on the bank counter. In those days, I was expected to sit and serve the customers, and my colleagues would want to know about me and what I did in my spare time. This gave opportunity to speak about my faith and, from time to time, opportunities arose to explain the gospel. I have never been prevented from doing this. If someone asks me, then I am free to tell them what I believe.

In time, I progressed from serving in the main banking hall to serving customers in an office where I would speak to them about their banking needs. It was here that challenges arose. The world around us is changing and as tolerance for issues that are anti-scripture became greater, I was faced with more difficult situations. Opening accounts for couples who are not married or couples who are in same-sex relationships are cases in point. As I look back on those times, I am grateful for the advice of godly men who I felt able to speak to about these things. As a young believer, it is vital to have those to whom you can speak and from whom you can seek advice. They spoke about the fact that I was not supporting the choices of individual customers; I was fulfilling my role in the bank. Over time, these issues will grow greater in their impact. Organizations and businesses are linking themselves with so many schemes that are anti-scriptural. It will become more and more difficult for younger believers who will need to handle these issues, and find those to whom they can turn to help them as they seek to live for the Lord.

As I have progressed in the organization, issues that I have faced have become more varied and challenging. I moved to a new area, one that I felt the Lord called me to. My present job was a big step from the role that I had previously been involved in. I applied for the job and was granted an interview. I knew the Lord’s help leading up to it, but I left the interview thinking that I would not be in the running. In my Bible readings over those weeks, I had felt that the Lord was leading me to this new area to work. Conversations with different saints confirmed this and, thus, when I was offered the role, I accepted.

I am grateful to the Lord for the support that I have known as, in the current role, there is a greater demand on my time. A leadership position in any organization means that you can be called at any hour by staff members who need support or guidance. I have had to work closely with those whose lifestyles are against everything in the scriptures, and against the principles that I stand for. However, it has given me opportunity to speak a word to them. I have been asked about my faith, as I know that others have too, and it is vital to ‘nail your colours to the mast’. Through doing this, yes, there are challenges, but it gives opportunities for you to speak. I have been asked many different questions about my faith and the biblical view on various issues. I am grateful for saints whom I have met and spoken with, and for times of fellowship that I have been able to share and the opportunities to learn from them.

Work/life balance is more difficult now that my role has become more intense. Time in Bible study cannot be neglected, and I have known support from godly men to try and get this right. God is faithful and will give help and guidance to all who need it. As many have said before in these articles, there is a great need to stay close to the Lord and keep short accounts with Him.

My advice for those considering a role in banking is to pray about it, and always seek the Lord’s help in the career choice you are making.