So it's Goodbye from him

This issue of Young Precious Seed brings us to the end of its sixth year. It was first introduced in 2003 and its aim was to deal with issues that young believers face, subjects upon which we all should have an opinion, and a biblical one at that, or subjects which are not normally preached on from the pulpit. On the ethical front, we have looked at what the Bible teaches about abortion, euthanasia, whether the death penalty for murderers is biblical or not, gambling, animal rights and homosexuality. We have looked at what a biblically-based local church looks like, how it should function, how we can join it and what should our responsibilities be in it. We have studied baptism and fellowship, the breaking of bread and we also looked at prayer by studying the Lord’s Prayer. We have looked at what the Bible teaches about courtship and marriage, and whether it is all right to marry a non-Christian. We have also taken a good look at what the Bible teaches about God –what He looks like, where He lives, who made Him, what He knows and what He can do, whether He is ever unkind or unfair. We ran a series on how to study the Bible, and also a series on the wise sayings from the book of Proverbs and we looked into the mirror and saw some of the foolish attitudes we should not show in our lives. We also found some comfort from the word of God on how we can have assurance of salvation and know that we are soundly saved.

I have thoroughly enjoyed setting up and editing YPS over these six years, and also setting up youngpreciousseed.org with its special web-only content. However, it is time to move on and this issue, with an article on Charles Darwin, will be my last as editor. Stephen Baker is going to take over YPS and will bring a fresh look, a new vision and a different approach to it. I know you will continue to enjoy reading it, and recommending it to others. My responsibilities for a while will be on the editing of books for Precious Seed Publications. It is my hope that you will buy some of these books and find them useful to you.

Happy reading!