Editor’s Introduction

It doesn’t seem long since I wrote the introduction for the February issue of YPS, but here we go again. What delights have we for you in this issue?

Stephen Grant has written an excellent article for us on the life of Moses – he made me think about some aspects of Moses’ life that I had not seen before. It makes interesting reading.<

I have been persuading some new writers to write for us. I hope you find it helpful. Paul Coxall of Aberdeen talks about how to enjoy eternal life. Do you enjoy it or endure it? – have a read. David Coles of Bath give us a very interesting overview of Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians while reminding us of things that should be true in our lives as believers. Paul Robinson of Manchester challenges us about serving God, and Steven Buckeridge adds another article to his current series ‘What can I do for God?’ This month it’s quite simple – read your Bible more. Do we? How often? Every day? Quite a challenge really!