Editor’s Introduction

Welcome to Young Precious Seed (YPS). If this is the first time that you have come across YPS I hope that you find it worthwhile reading. Our aim is twofold – to encourage younger writers to write so that they can develop their gift and to present the truth of God in a way that is understandable to a younger generation of Christians. So, you might be freshly saved or you might be a young person, either way our prayer is that reading YPS will strengthen your faith and stimulate your interest in the word of God.

Paul gives some advice in 1 Timothy chapter 6 about living in a godless world. In verse 11 he reflects on some of the dangers we face and he states ‘flee these things’. However, leaving the mind-set of the world behind is only part of the answer; so, in the same verse, he describes godly qualities that we should ‘follow after’. He concludes the little triplet by saying that we should also ‘Fight the good fight of faith’. I hope that you will find this advice helpful, as I am sure the original readers did.

Stephen Baker