New Editor

I have the pleasure of taking over as Editor of Young Precious Seed (YPS) from Ian Rees. Ian introduced YPS to the main magazine; this has been a useful addition which has been the vehicle through which many topical and doctrinal issues have been addressed. While looking through four or five years of issues of YPS I began to wonder what topics had not been covered and how I would develop things.

Some of the sections that have been in YPS have run their course and will not be revisited. I have no doubt that some of the issues that have been written about in the past will be covered again at some stage but hopefully in a way that will be relevant to where we are now. I have especially enjoyed the articles which came under the heading of ‘The Moral Maze’ – these have addressed tough issues (abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, etc.) and honestly faced up to the dilemmas of the modern world and explained what the scriptures have to say. Other interesting contributions have been items such as ‘Fools in Fellowship’ where in a very pointed way some of the shortcomings in the attitudes of believers have been faced head on and spiritual behaviour that is pleasing tothe Lord explained. These and many other articles are well worth a re-read. If you do not have the past issues the best way to access them is through our website (by the way we hope this is soon to have a revamp, watch this space) So, what will we be looking at going forward? Some new sections will be introduced and some old ones revisited from time to time. Each issue will vary to keep things interesting. If you have a view about what you would like to see in the magazine please e-mail me at [email protected] or text me on 07747 101352.