My Top Ten Books


The Greek/Hebrew Key Word Study Bible Included under book number 1

1 The Greek/Hebrew Key Word Study Bible by Spiros Zodhiates

I have found this Bible to be an excellent language help study Bible.Key words in each verse are keyed to Strong’s dictionary in the back of the Bible. Key Hebrew/Greek words are also listed in the back in a useful Lexical Aid section. New Testament Greek verbs are keyed to a Grammatical Aids section as well.There are good introductions to each book of the Bible and while not agreeing with every study note they are generally good and helpful.

2 Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible by James Strong

We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Mr. James Strong for this monumental work. Each word in the English Bible is carefully listed alphabetically and it’s Hebrew or Greek c o u n t e r p a r t numbered. Then each Hebrew/Greek word is transliterated, briefly defined, and other words used in English to translate that particular word listed at the end. This work is the key to hours of very profitable word studies opening up the beauty of the original languages to the English reader.

3 Expository Dictionary of Words by W. E. Vine

For the student with no knowledge of Greek this volume is indispensable.The newer editions are keyed to Strong’s Concordance which can be helpful. Learning the various English words translated from one Greek word or one the other hand various Greek words translated into one English word is valuable in understanding the fullness of both languages thus enhancing our Bible study. This greatly expands and enhances the dictionary in Strong’s Concordance.

4 Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament by Harris, Archer, and Waltke

Hebrew is a completely different kind of language than Greek or English. This does for the Old Testament Hebrew what Vine’s does for the New Testament. It has an index which is keyed to Strong’s numbers and with this the English reader can find his way through the Hebrew alphabet by which this work is arranged. This is the most helpful Old Testament Lexical aid for the non Hebrew reader that I have found.

5 The Moody Atlas of Bible Lands by Barry J Beitzel

This Atlas is divided into three sections. There is a physical geography, a historical geography a history of Biblical map making. This last section I have never read because my interest isn’t in map making. The second section is the largest and for me the most interesting. A great deal of commentary is given all of which I do not personally endorse, but a great deal of which I have found to be very helpful. A helpful tool for background study in the Bible.

6 The Crises of the Christ by G. Campbell Morgan

Mr. Morgan divides the life of Christ into 7 crises events showing the beauty of the character of the Lord Jesus. It is devotionally written while thoroughly expository. Its 400 plus pages will point you to the glory of the Lord Jesus. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it is still in print. But if you can find a used copy somewhere it is worth the investment.

7 The Church. A discipleship manual for the body of Christ by Randal Amos

This is a new book by a well-known and respected brother who has a real passion for the proper functioning of the local church. It is written as a study manual thus making it ideal for small group studies especially for beginners in church truth. As I read it I was greatly encouraged with its practical instructions and doctrinal integrity. Two elders that have recently read it have ordered copies for each family in their fellowship. I pray that this book will have a wide distribution.

8 Harvest Festivals by H. K. Downie

This book on the Feasts of Jehovah(Lev. 23) is important for two reasons. First, it is more complete than most books on this subject and its exposition is clear. He is careful to expound the Jewish understanding before jumping to its typical teaching which is very important. Secondly, as a first book a person may read dealing with the typology of the Old Testament it will greatly help in the understanding and interpretation of typology here as well as other passages.

9 The Pilgrim Church by E. H. Broadbent

This book is a tracing of folks down through the centuries of the church that have sought to meet together simply endeavoring to be a testimony to the truth of scriptures not only in the gospel but in church order as well. This endeavor has put these folks outside the main stream of Christendom. Those who depend on the Word as their only authority,the Spirit as their only guide, and the Lord as their only head have always been in the minority. Be encouraged!

10 Shadow of the Almighty by Elizabeth Elliott

Maybe the most important event in the spread of the gospel that occurred in the 20th century was the martyrdom of 5 men in the jungles of Ecuador in January of 1956. This is the account of the life of Jim Elliot, one of the five, by his wife. Jim’s life of devotion to God and his passion for the gospel is one of the great missionary stories of our time. The famous quote from Jim Elliot’s life is‚ “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”