Editor’s Introduction

Here we are with another issue of YPS. I wonder how you have been getting on in the last few months? For many of you the summer will hopefully have been a complete change from studying but no doubt you have had to work some of the time to pay for a holiday or keep your student debt as low as possible. Money matters can be a bit stressful, so it might be useful to read the first of our new series about how you can use what little you have for God. The series is all about what I can do to serve God, I hope you find it helpful.

 Have a read of Jack Hay’s article on what the term separation means. It’s quite a challenging read, not in terms of understanding what is being taught but in living it out from day to day. In the next issue, we will have an article (DV) by Jeremy Singer on the term ‘sanctification’.  I asked him to give me some questions that you could think about; here they are:

  1. Why do some Christians avoid going to the cinema?
  2. How can I be ‘good to go’ when God has a job for me to do?
  3. Do you ever play ‘spot the difference’ between a Christian and a non-Christian? Is it easy?

Hope you find this issue interesting, keep in touch and let me know what you think.