Editor’s Introduction – August 2023

Depending on where you live in this country, or overseas, you might get this issue before you have your summer break or holiday. This summer, my advice, for what it’s worth, is - take a break and do some serious reading.

Although technological advancement has brought many advantages, one of its dangers is that people are lured away from reading. Gene Edward Veigh, in his excellent book Reading between the lines, says, ‘The habit of reading is absolutely critical today, particularly for Christians. As television turns our society into an increasingly image-dominated culture, Christians must continue to be people of the word. When we read, we cultivate a sustained attention span, an active imagination, a capacity for logical analysis and critical thinking, and a rich inner life. Each of these qualities, which have proven themselves essential to a free people, is under assault in our TV-dominated culture.1 Christians, to maintain their word-centred perspective in an image-driven world, must become readers’. Veigh’s book was written in the television era, but the same principles apply in the internet age.

I appeal to you to read widely and, in particular, the Bible. It will be your salvation as far your mind is concerned, as well as being the means of your eternal well-being and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Yours through grace,

Stephen Baker



Gene Edward Veigh, Reading between the lines, Crossway Books, 1990.