Editor’s Introduction – August 2022

Hopefully, by now you will have had a summer break and some rest and recuperation.

I have enjoyed pulling this edition of Young Precious Seed together - not the process but the content of the articles. One of the benefits of being an editor is reading new articles and being challenged by what we are going to print and bring to you.

We face many challenges as Christians. If you live in a country where it is safe to be a believer, your pressing needs will be entirely different to dear saints who suffer for their faith. But we all are required to:

  1. witness for the Saviour by what we say and what we do;
  2. learn to live more Christ-like lives;
  3. get to know God through His word and feed on the rich truths of scripture.

These are just a few things that every believer should focus on (the order should probably be 3, 2, 1 in terms of priority). Hopefully, you will find that articles in YPS August 22 help you address some of these critical objectives.

Yours through grace,

Stephen Baker