Editor’s Introduction

By the time this issue of YPS reaches you, we hopefully will have passed the season of snow and be well beyond spring and thinking of summer. Of course, that presupposes that you live in Europe; if you are in another time zone, my apologies. Enjoy whatever season you are in!

This is a good lesson for life. Enjoying the season you find yourself in is not always easy. For some it’s exams, pressure, and all that kind of thing. For others, it’s romance and the thrill of new experiences. Sadly, for some, they face tough times.

I trust that whatever season you find yourself in at the moment that you will be given grace to enjoy it for the glory of God, or to endure it with the patience that only God can give. Ecclesiastes 3. 1 would remind us that God has a purpose in every season of life. Hopefully, this issue of YPS will be helpful in your walk with God.

Happy browsing

Stephen Baker

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