Editor’s Introduction

Hi, thanks once again for reading Young Precious Seed. I really do appreciate it.

We are starting this first issue of 2022 with four new series of articles. I hope that you find them thought provoking, interesting, educational, and challenging. That’s the aim.

I have tried to cover a variety of topics that might interest you. So, we have a series on the importance of doctrine from Stephen Grant, and a series on how we can be equipped to evangelize (which is co-authored by David Williamson and Paul McCauley). In addition, Phil Raggett is writing a series on things the Christian should know, and Malcolm Beattie is giving us an overview of the book of Esther.

Jeremy Singer is completing his series on Bible priests, but he will be back with some more interesting articles in later issues.

Please enjoy the word of God and the presence of God as you read this magazine.

Kind regards

Stephen Baker