Editor’s Introduction

Here we are moving swiftly towards the end of another year! 2021 has nearly run its course. How has the year been for you? Hopefully, we have all learned lessons from our experiences, and our walk with the Lord has become increasingly important to us.

In this issue Phil Raggett reminds us about what the scriptures call us to be aware of, and Andrew Dutton challenges us to be good ambassadors for Christ. But for many, this year has presented big challenges. Friends who have contracted Covid-19 may have passed away. Why do these things happen? Tim McMullan takes us through the teaching of scripture on this heart-searching topic. Finally, we have an article about the Holy Spirit. Without His presence in your life, you would not survive a day as a believer, so it's worth being reminded about the truth concerning His person and work.

Thanks for your company. I hope you find the articles a real blessing.

Stephen Baker