Editor’s Introduction

Thanks for reading Young Precious Seed (YPS). If this is the first time you have read YPS, welcome. If you are a regular visitor, thank you for your ongoing interest. Our aim at YPS is to promote the teaching of the New Testament and to encourage young Christians to learn and live out the truths of the word of God. No matter where you stand on matters of faith or your views on how to practise New Testament Christianity, we are delighted to have your company and trust that you will find it helpful and informative.

The Bible is a book that should be studied as well as read. What I understand by the word ‘study’ might be different to you. Essentially, to get the most from Bible reading, time needs to be spent on it. It is only too easy to get your ‘read and pray fix for the day’. You, in effect, say to yourself – ‘It’s done, my conscience is eased and now on to the next job on my list’. In the busyness of life, there will be times when you can only read a little, but we all need to make time regularly when we can think about what we read. Meditating and thinking are habits that really need to be cultivated and practised, Ps. 1. 2.

Hopefully, this magazine, the main magazine, and both of our websites, will help you with this (the latter are currently being redeveloped, so, as they say, ‘watch this space’). All the articles that have been in previous issues of the magazines are available through the websites. You can access these by browsing the site or by using the search facility which is an excellent tool. Just type in a word or a topic, and if we have an article on this, you will be taken straight to it. Why not give it a try? I am sure that you will find it very useful.

In this issue of YPS, we are concluding our series ‘Career Choices’. I hope that you have found it interesting and helpful. I have enjoyed seeing how God worked in different people’s lives, and the convictions that were produced through their experiences.

I am working on a few new series of articles. One should help you get a working knowledge of the Bible; others will address biblical answers to questions we all have – what the Bible teaches on various topics. I’ll let you know what they are once I have writers allocated to them.

In the meantime, enjoy this issue and may the Lord bless you through His word.

Stephen Baker