Editor’s Introduction

Thanks for picking up YPS this quarter. This is the second issue with the new design. I hope that you like it. It should be easier on the eye, and let you focus on the various articles.

So, what do we have for you this month? Well, if you are considering a career in engineering then this month’s Career Choices will be worth reading. In case you wondered what an engineer does all day, Simon Ambrose lifts the lid and lets you see. He also writes a short section on building projects in the Bible, as well as highlighting the need for a good balance between work time and leisure time. It’s a good read.

Jeremy Singer brings us some excellent lessons from the life of Aaron the first Israelite priest. Who better to talk about as we get going with this interesting series on Bible priests?

The series on ‘Dispensations’ continues with a look at the dispensations of Government and Promise. These are two dispensations with very distinct characteristics. Don’t let me rob you of the joy of reading the article which more than adequately explains how God works in these periods of time.

We also have a second article by Tim McMullan. Last time we printed one we said that he came from Ballymena in Northern Ireland. Well, my mistake, I should have known better and spotted it; he actually lives in Ballymoney, though originally from Ballymena. This article explains what the ‘Peace of God’ is, in contrast to the first article on ‘Peace with God’.

The Fruit of the Spirit series continues with an article on the attribute of peace. This is the last article that will concentrate on a single attribute, as we will be dealing with the final six in two batches of three.

So, there is a quite a bit of reading to do, especially if you look up all of the references and note down anything that you think the Lord might be teaching you. That’s a good habit to get into. Make it your practice to search the scriptures every day and check that what you hear and read matches up with what is written!

Stephen Baker