Editor’s Introduction

Editor’s Introduction

If I were to give this issue of YPS a theme it would be ‘tools for better Christian living’. Not a very trendy title you say but hopefully it gives a taste of what we have focused on in this issue.

I am sure that most of us get frustrated at times and feel that we are not making a lot of spiritual progress. The articles in this issue will hopefully be a help.

Dan Rudge’s article on giving the Lord central place in our lives majors on the fact that the local assembly has been designed by God to be the centre of the believer’s life. As the Lord Jesus is the reason the believers meet, i.e., to the name of the Lord Jesus, this article will highlight for you how special it is to be a part of a New Testament church.

We also have a brief portrayal of the book of Esther, it will make you think! The rest of the articles highlight areas of our lives that need constant attention – prayer, how to stay close to the Lord and how to be what God has made me, i.e., holy. Enjoy reading and remember to give us some feedback through our Facebook page, you will get the link through our website https://www.youngpreciousseed.org.