Editor’s Introduction

As I intimated in the February issue of YPS, we have a new series starting in this issue – Career Choices. One of the aims of this series is to give younger believers some insight into career options and how life is for Christians in various occupations. To do this we have asked a number of Christians from a cross section of backgrounds to tell us some of their experiences. This series of articles will attempt to equip the young believer with information that will help them make the best career choice in the light of scripture. The introduction has been written by Graeme Smith of Wallingford; he has also given us an overview of what a career in accountancy is like – you will need to wait for the August issue of YPS for this one.

In addition to this we have articles about ‘the local church’ by Clarke Logan. Another new writer, Gordon Armstrong, has written about how we distinguish truth from error.

Enjoy the read.