Editor’s Introduction

Welcome to another issue of YPS. I have enjoyed reading the articles that we have in this issue. I hope that you find them as interesting as I did. In fact, I find all the topics that we are dealing with really relevant to my understanding of God and to my day-to-day experience as a believer. For instance, the second article on prayer addresses some really important issues about why we pray, what we pray for and the need to look for answers to our prayers. We have a new author in this issue, Dr. Phil Mullan of Belfast; he talks about how he found training to be a doctor strengthened his faith. The current worldview is that science and learning are at odds with faith so this makes for an interesting read. Paul Coxall continues to walk us through Psalm 139 and while doing so reminds us that God is everywhere. The second article in the ‘Preaching with a Tablet’ series will fascinate the ‘techies’ in our readership – I like it, and found it helpful. ‘Adventures in Acts’ should focus your mind on the power of preaching the word of God.

Can I suggest that you take your time reading this issue? Read one article a week (maybe you can’t put it down and must read it all at once) and take time to think over what you have learned, what difference it will make to the way you think and how it will affect your behaviour as a result. My prayer is that as a result you will ‘grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 2. Pet. 3. 18.

Stephen Baker