Editor’s Comments

In the November issue of YPS there will be an article by Jack Hay of Perth on the subject of ‘Separation’ in the Building Blocks of the Christian Faith series. I thought that you might like to do some research in advance of reading the article so that you are one step ahead.

Some questions to think about are:

  • Should a believer not have any contact with the world if he/she is going to live a godly life, i.e., should he/she be more monastic?
  • Are there places that Christians would be wise not to visit if they are going to keep in touch with the Lord?

Have a think about this and keep alert when doing your daily reading over the next few months to see if you can see any clues that would help you and any scriptural principles that would guide you.

We are also about to start a series about things that young believers can get involved in when looking for ways to serve God. Keep on the lookout for this series, it should be interesting.

I trust that you will continue to know the Lord’s help and presence

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